Gibraltar Nursing Home embraces World Religion Day

Last month here at Gibraltar Nursing Home, we celebrated World Religion Day which calls for acceptance of all religions and were reminded of the comfort that it brings to many... Read more

Gibraltar Nursing Home takes family members on holiday

A move in to a new home can be stressful, but can also be exciting, at Gibraltar, we feel moving in to any new home should be a continuation of one’s... Read more

Gibraltar Nursing Home uses Art Therapy

Every Tuesday evening there is an Art Club held at Gibraltar Nursing home, part of the 95 bed Gibraltar Care Village in Monmouth. They use an innovative Household Model of... Read more

The 5 pillars of Comfort in Dementia Care

Comfort is defined as a state of physical ease, free from pain or constraint. Comfort is also one of the six emotional and psychological needs highlighted by Professor Tom Kitwood, to... Read more

Afternoon Tea Week at Gibraltar Care Home, Monmouth

Afternoon Tea Week starts on 14th August and is simple to join in. Just pause for afternoon tea as part of your day, sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa... Read more

Undressing the Uniform Debate

In a Nursing Times survey in 2014, almost 60% of staff consulted, indicated that they thought uniforms were an important part of the job. It is, like the uniforms, a... Read more

The Positive Risks of Having a Cuppa

For somebody living with Dementia, you may think that making a cup of tea is possibly a risky venture, but always putting safety first denies that person the right of... Read more

Gibraltar Nursing Home, Monmouth, and the World Cup

All over the UK, football fans are glued to their screens, watching the drama unfold in high definition. At Gibraltar Nursing Home, in Monmouth, it is no different. They call... Read more

Gibraltar Nursing Home in Monmouth are Jumping For Dementia

Two of the marketing team from Gibraltar Nursing Home, in Monmouth, have just raised around £1000 for the Alzheimer’s Society in two sponsored parachute jumps. 10% of those being cared... Read more