Last month here at our Monmouth Nursing Home, we celebrated World Religion Day which calls for acceptance of all religions and were reminded of the comfort that it brings to many of the people living with us.  Religion can be contentious for some, so acceptance of others’ beliefs is vital if we are to live together in harmony. Gibraltar have a policy of total acceptance, whatever a person’s beliefs.

Gibraltar welcomes religious figures of many different faiths, inviting them into the home regularly to interact with family members.  An example of this being the Catholic bi-monthly communion which is held for Carol Kaseleht in her room, with Father Nicholas James from the St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Monmouth. Carol thoroughly enjoys this interaction, especially the “good conversation” they share. Father Nicholas agrees and feels “the interaction is important to Carol, she is a very interesting lady and I enjoy coming to the home and speaking with her.”

Carol has been living at Gibraltar Nursing Home since 2012 and is a practicing Catholic. “If you have to live in a home, this is a good home to live in” Carol says with a smile.

When talking with Carol you can see how important the communion is to her, Father Nicholas visiting regularly keeps connected to her faith.

Gibraltar Nursing Home supports and follows the message of World Religion Day, encouraging family members of all religions to continue partaking in their faith in the comfort of their home.