Gibraltar Nursing Home has a kitchen team like no other, a family that cooks for over 80 family members every single day. Not only do they make every meal to each family members preference and taste, but also to the highest visual and nutritional standard.

Exemplifying this, they recently won themselves a four-figure award, winning a cookery competition having displayed their excellent culinary prowess.

The leadership team at Gibraltar Nursing Home are always trying to find new ways to inspire and drive excellence within the teams, driving higher standards that benefit all the Gibraltar family.

The competition was opened up to other care and nursing homes who are part of the Evolve Care Group and was adjudicated by an independent panel from Evolve. As all the home’s entries were of such a high standard the panel generously decided to give the full award £1000 to all the entrants.

The Winning Dish…

Gibraltar’s award-winning kitchen team prepared a succulent Chicken Tikka dish which was both rich in flavour and easy on the eye.

Head Chef Rose, supported by the team of Raymond, Damian, Kaye, Tina and Carol, said they chose the Indian style classic dish because of the strong flavour.

“We chose Chicken Tikka as this dish goes down very well with our family because of the bold flavour. We know for many of our family that their taste buds highlight stronger flavours. The spices which means that all our family can enjoy the taste of this dish!” Rose said.

Their delicious meal entry was coated in traditional spices that gave the dish a warm and inviting appearance. The Tikka dish was part homegrown as the Thyme and Rosemary used to season the dish were picked fresh from the Gibraltar herb garden.

Ever thoughtful and caring, the kitchen team had ensured the home’s entry was inclusive and accessible for all as they also produced a pureed version for those who live with dysphagia.

The competition, that opened in August, was judged on the criteria of team working, cleanliness of kitchen, display of culinary expertise and feedback on the dish prepared by the home’s family members.

The Dining Experience…

The team at Gibraltar decided together that they would like to use their prize to further enhance the dining experience for the Gibraltar family.

“We’re going to revamp and really bring the experience to the plate!” Rose excitedly said.

Rose has a real passion for making the mealtime experience at Gibraltar special, she said: “I love working at Gibraltar, I can be creative, and I am always thinking outside the box with new recipes. I like our shared values and the philosophy of care in the home. Working with my team, I make a real difference in our families lives every day.”

At Gibraltar Nursing Home, choice and variety is at the very forefront of the homes eating ethos. Everyone living at the home chooses what, how and when they’d like to eat, just as you would in your home.

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