Monmouth Nursing Home

Have you heard about our way of providing care at Gibraltar Nursing Home that truly makes us stand out from other care homes?

Our Monmouth Nursing Home has designed a model of care called the “Evolve Household Model of Care”. This is our way of providing individually tailored, person-centred care and support to our family members.Our model’s principal focus is on wellbeing and, to ensure a sense of family and belonging is felt at all times. We believe that when someone chooses to live with us that this becomes their home and we are privileged to be here supporting them.

Alongside our principal focus, we also look to create that “home from home” feel and below are just some of the changes we have made to achieve this:
Uniforms are not worn, nor name badges as we feel this can create barriers to providing person-centred care. Uniforms can create a “them and us” culture which here at Gibraltar goes against everything we strive to achieve. Family members are treated with respect, love and dignity. Everyone is treated as an individual and our care and support is tailored to that person—we are not one size fits all! We see the person, not the diagnosis.Gibraltar is beautifully decorated and a purpose-built home, where we have created “streets” and “houses” not wards, sections or units. We offer a sense of belonging and identity where individuality is praised and encouraged, for example, if having a glossy blue front door to your room is important because that was the colour of your door at home, or simply because blue is your favourite colour, then this is important to us too. Taking the time to gather life histories of our family members is paramount, we use this to support and encourage people to carry on doing what they love to do. We then create meaningful occupation based on this history which can include interests, passions, past occupation, hobbies. We also provide a safe and supportive environment to try new activities – you are never too old to try something new! We design our mealtimes around each person’s individual taste – if someone prefers to eat their lunch at a certain time or in a particular room, we make sure this happens.  We turn a mealtime into a memorable experience, such as holding afternoon tea or always ensuring the table is laid with a tablecloth and fresh flowers.  Going that extra mile and looking at attention to detail means we can create special moments in something as simple as enjoying dinner.

We do encourage you to visit and see first-hand our “Evolve Household Model of Care” – not only in our home but also in our Pillars restaurant, gym or swimming pool.

To this end, we simply finish off by pledging “Gibraltar Nursing Home is a family home, not just a care home.”
For further information please call 0117 287 2566 or email